30 years Kinok generative videos (2015) | CCHU motion, graphic, illustration

30 years Kinok generative videos (2015)


In 2015 we received a technical challenging task from the cinema Kinok from St. Gallen, Switzerland. They were celebrating the 30th anniversary in November 2015, and wanted to exhibit every poster in the past 30 years designed by different artists in different formats, in one videos each day on the screen.

We ended up finishing the whole concept and design, renaming the digital poster files (to fetch the date of the poster in the file name and display it in the video), generating and exporting the 305 videos with audios in half month.

The first 4 videos displayed here are final videos. The last one is one of the early proposal.

Concept and draft design: Cissy Hu

Generate design, script and technique solutions: Elektromeier Close

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